Tuesday July 28, Heading North by Northwest “Glacier Park, MT”

On Tuesday July 28 I started on my way northwest to Glacier National Park, MT

As soon as I got in Montana I can see why they call it Big Sky County.


It is so big that even the planes take trains here, this is something you do not see every “Planes on Trains”.

20150728_124015 20150728_124004

That night I stayed in a great little park call “Chief Joseph City Park” in Harlowton, MT.

20150728_164722 20150728_163904

Then on Wednesday we got to Valier, MT about hour east of Glacier

And setup for two nights at Lake Frances City Park.


On Thursday the 30th I took a ride to the park to see how the fires were doing.

On July 21 a fire started on the east side of the Glacier park closing the Rising Sun & St. Mary areas.

About 4000 acres burned in this fire, they got this one in check & a new one started the day after I left the park on Aug. 11th.

On Wednesday July 29 they did open the St. Mary campground back up & this is the campground that we stayed in for 11 days starting on Friday July 31.

Here are some photos of the fire.



On Sat. night Aug. 1, my sister & niece got to the park to join me till Friday the 7th., more to come on this.



  1. Retired for 1 month and still enjoying life on the road! So glad for you! I had a good laugh when I read Maxine was in the water again!


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