Guess what happened on the way to Georgia

On Thursday Oct. 22th my friend (Dick) & I headed out started out on our way to Meigs, GA. Where he has a RV parked on some land that he leases to go to in the winter, so that he can train he’s three hunting dog all winter. So Maxine & I in our RV and Dick & his dog in his SUV with a trailer behind him, with his ATV and 40 live ducks on it were off. We made good time all day with no travel troubles at all day. We would stop every hour or so to “let the dogs out” dump water on the duck to keep them alive & well and then be on our way again. So all day Thursday was good, we stopped in a wayside a little ways north Nashville, TN for a few hours of sleep and then we were off again. Friday was going well just like Thursday stopping every couple hours, “TILL” we got to Phenix City, AL, them the “check engine light” came on my RV. It was still running ok then but as we just got south of Columbus, GA on US 280 in the middle of Fort Benning it just stopped running, I got it off the side of the road ok but this is when the fun started.

My friend Dick got stopped ok to, we looked to see if we find anything, we could not find what was wrong. So I got on the phone with AAA Roadside assistance. As we waited for AAA to get back to us, we came up with a plan, Dick needed to keep going the 120 miles we had left go so that he could get the ducks & his three dogs out of the car and their crates.  To make a long story short, after many calls by me and AAA (that took over two hours).  I finely found someone that would come out & tow me, also I found someone that would work on my RV, “Cobb & Son RV Repair” of Seale, AL about 30 miles southwest of where we were at. The only thing is that they would not get to look at till sometime Monday. But they did have a place where I could park my RV & then Maxine and I would have a place to stay till they could work on it. So after another hour or so we setup for the night. By then Dick got to Meigs and got unloaded too, I made plans to come down on Saturday to check out our home for the next couple months, we then all called it a night.

On Saturday Maxine & I got in my car and went the 2 ½ hours to Meigs to stay till Sunday afternoon.

Here are some photos of views of where we will setup stay for the next couple months.

Photo of Dick’s RV


Views from his front door.



On Monday morning I got with Richie Cobb the owner of Cobb & Son RV. I told him what happen & that to me I thought that the fuel pump had gone out. He got one of his guys on it to do testing & after sometime found out that the fuel pump was out. He did get one ordered right away but it would not get there till sometime Tuesday. So the plan was as soon as they got they got the parts they would do their best to work me in, this was great and very good of them.

Jessica the gal that works the phones & help people was so nice & told me of something’s to do around the area & some great places to eat. So I went to downtown Columbus to check thing out & got some great Barbecue at a place called Country’s Barbecue. Check it out at

Tuesday Oct. 27

We got up early and watched some TV till Jessica got to the office, she told me about some museums to check out in town & some places to get some good old southern cooking. So Maxine & I took off to go see the Columbus Museum down town Columbus. This has a great history of the area that goes back to the 1800’s till now & some very neat art too. From there I went to The National Infantry Museum in Fort Benning it has one of the best collections of military artifacts that I have seen any place. After that I went in Minnie’s Uptown Restaurant, for some great cafeteria style southern cooking (the fried chicken excellent). By then it was about 3:30 so I headed back to Cobb’s to see how it was coming, they had just got all the parts in that we needed. So Richie set it up so that they could get it in the shop first thing on Wednesday. Also Tuesday was my 63th birthday so I got a lot of calls & email wishing me a happy birthday. With that said I got to fill them in on what was going on with the RV & that things were OK. As I told them I was happy to be getting the RV fixed & was happy because things could have been a lot worst.

Wednesday Oct. 28th

On Wednesday they got my RV in the shop first thing, we knew that it would take most of the day to get the work done. So Maxine & I headed out to check out two nearby Georgia State Parks. The first stop was Florence Marina State Park. It is a nice park on the Walter F. George Reservoir, it is 173 acres park with large marina, cottages & a nice campground with full hookups, I may want to stay here sometime. Not too far away is Providence Canyon State Park it is called Georgia’s “Little Grand Canyon”. So that Maxine & I could do some hiking. It was over cast with on and off light rain, but we headed of down into the canyon.

Here are some views on our way down & in the bottom of the canyon looking up.



Views from the top of the canyon.



After that we went in to Phenix City to get a late lunch at Ed’s Country Cooking, for some more great cafeteria style southern cooking, I got carryout so that Maxine & I could go to the Columbus River Walk Park along the Chattahoochee River to have lunch & then take a walk along the river.

Here are a couple photos along the river.


After that we headed back to Cobb’s to see how thing were coming, they just had finished getting the fuel pump in, but after getting it in we found out that the RV also needed a new Oxygen Sensor put they could not get one till the next morning, it was late anyways so staying one more night worked out fine. The next day they got the sensor first thing, got it in, took care of a few more thing that needed to be done. And then I took it for a long test drive & it all worked great. So I paid the bill around $1800.00 when it was all said and none, this was not bad for all that was done. And it was so great that they worked me in the way that they did.

If you are in need of RV work and near Columbus GA, I would recommend going to Cobb’s, here is a link to their site Thank again to all at Cobb’s.


So we got on the road and got to Meigs, GA around 3:30 Thursday Oct. 29th a week after leaving Wisconsin, not the two days that we planned “O well”.

Here is the spot I will be setup at for the next couple months.


Looking out my front door.


Well that’s all for now.



  1. Hey Dick sorry to hear about your engine troubles, but glad you finally made it to Georgia. Glad you made the best of your birthday and had some good southern food. Don’t forget to have some of those boiled peanuts (yuck!). Have fun in with Dick, hope you both have a wonderful time and warm sunny weather. Don’t forget to see the big live oak in Thomasville GA. See you soon – Jean & Tom.


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