Happy Thanksgiving to all from Meigs, Georgia

Hello & Happy Thanksgiving to you all. Sorry that I have not posted anything for some time, but I have been ready busy getting into this retirement. As I have been told by many of my retired friend, this retirement is a full time job. 🙂 I have been busy with day to day things, some more dog training & lots of day trips around southern Georgia & the panhandle of Florida. It has been so nice down here that all but two days I have been able to wear shorts most of the day & be very comfortable, it just does not seem like the November’s that I am uses too back in Wisconsin ( 🙂 how nice it is 🙂 ).

I keep saying to myself & by friend Dick that I should put out more posts on what I have been doing. But as most of you know I am not much of a writer, but as most of you know, I sure can talk a good tail 🙂 . So what I just did is ordered is some Dragon speech recognition software to help with my posts. This way I should be able to just tell you all a story about what we have been doing, so I hope soon to be putting out more post (we will have to see).

I did buy myself a new 32 inch TV to replace the little 18 inch in by RV for those longer winter nights.

Here is a photo of it.tvAlso I did added a (Hott Rod Heating) electrical element to my water heater on my RV so that I do not need to use as much LP gas, it works great 🙂

On one day Maxine & I went to Thomasville to check out some of the city. In the late 1800s, Thomasville became a winter destination for wealthy industrialists from the north & still is today. It has many great parks, old homes & country estates, many that are open to the public. I will be checking out more of these and have more posting on them later.

In one of the parks of Thomasville there is an oak tree (it is called THE BIG OAK), here are some photos & info on it.big oak

big oak 1

We also went to Cherokee Lake Park home of Thomasville Rose Garden, at this time there are not many roses. Thomasville is also sometimes called Rose City.

Here are a couple of photos of the park.

Here are some photos of Maxine on the “look out”.

Well Happy Thanksgiving to you all again & hopefully more to come soon 🙂



  1. Glad to finally hear from you! Didn’t realize you had gone south! We are looking forward to heading to warmer weather ASAP! (a.k.a. As soon as Amazon says we can go! – didn’t come this far to not get our bonus!)

    Glad all is well – miss you!

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