It’s a rainy day in Georgia

Today Wednesday December 2 is a rainy day here in Southern Georgia. Most of my time down here in Georgia has been just beautiful, day after day of warm and sunny days. The past month has been above average down here in Georgia in the 70’s and 80’s during the day and only getting down in the 50’s and 60’s at night. We had a few rainy days but most of them have been warm and sunny. There were a couple nights that we did get a light frost but that only lasted about three days. After today it’s supposed to cool down and be more normal temperature wise. It sure doesn’t seem like it should be December to me, being born and raised in Wisconsin I’m use to a much colder November and December. It is nice to be able to be spending these couple months down here in a warmer climate.

Still warm but kind of damp.

With it being a day that I do not want to do much outside. I did some well needed cleaning in my RV, defrosted my fridge. Did some baking and then decided I would do a couple journal postings.

Coconut cream pie.


As I had mentioned in my last post, I was ordering some “Dragon Naturally Speaking” speech recognition software. What I purchased was the home addition of the software, it was under $50 in price.


I got it last week got it installed and now have had the chance to test it. It sure works a lot faster than my hunt and peck type typing that I do. I’m able to get my thoughts down about 10 times faster than the way I was doing it before. It takes a little getting the hang of it and there are errors sometimes, but those are easy to fix. I just dictate what I want to say in a Word document and then I’m able to copy it into my journal entries. With this software would be able to actually enter right into the WordPress Journals but I find it much easier to fix mistakes in a Word document.

It truly amazes to me how far technology has come. I can remember back in the early 90s when there was no Internet, hardly any cell phones. But now it’s a common place thing day-to-day for everyone. And all this technology might take up a lot of our time but it also has made things much easier for many of us. You know I’m starting to feel old because now I reminisce when I was younger, and I can remember when my parents had no color TV at all in our home. We only had one small black and white TV could only get three channels. And now many people have a TV in every room in their house with so many channels to choose from, and there still is nothing on. One of the nice things about living in my RV is that I spend much more time outside doing things. Sometimes it’s just sitting in my chair enjoying a nice breeze and enjoying the beautiful life I have. It’s great to be able to be south here where it’s warmer and enjoy this great country of ours, when it’s cold and snowy back north. I get sad at times wishing that Sonia was here with me to enjoy it. But as we all know life is not always what we had hoped for or would have planned. And feeling sorry for ourselves never gets us anywhere. So that is why I try to make the best of every day and enjoy the things I have. I do enjoy sharing my experiences with the people that want to hear about them. So with that in mind that’s why put these journals out there.

So today I sat down and decided to put these journals together and hopefully later today or tomorrow, I will get in the town where I can get a Wi-Fi connection and get these posted. I’m sure this will be a very big timesaver for me, and I will feel that I will be much more inspired to post journals more often.

While I hope you enjoyed the two journals that will follow this on some of the interesting things I’ve been doing down here in the Thomasville area.  🙂



  1. Oh boy all that reminiscing about days long ago, makes you sound old!! Miss you big brother and I would love to come visit to check out the DEEP South. Actually late fall up here in Wisconsin has been fairly fabulous!!


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