A Merry Christmas to All

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas. I had a house full a company for Christmas Eve. Both my daughters were able to come up Christmas Eve evening and spend the night. Crystal and her husband Josh and Jennifer and her boyfriend Paul. My granddaughter Roz spent the night at Josh’s parents’ house Mike and Kathy. They live only about 10 miles from my house in Oxford. Were we were going to their house for Christmas dinner on Christmas Day. My sister Bonnie did stop in Christmas Eve night and spend the night also. So we sat around had a big dinner of ham, mashed potatoes and carrots, with cheesecake and rosettes for dessert. As most of you know I love to cook when I have a captive audience. After eating we all sat around and played games till late in the evening. On Christmas morning had a nice breakfast of homemade quiche and homemade pecan crinkles. This is the kind of breakfast I like to make for a large group when we all get up at little different times. My sister Bonnie had to leave early to go to Minneapolis to be with her daughter, she had about a 4 Hour car ride ahead of her.

Here’s a photo of my oldest daughter Crystal and her husband Josh.


 And here’s one of Jennifer and her boyfriend Paul.


 We did get a little snow overnight so we had just enough to make it kind of a White Christmas.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJennifer got bundled up and took the Maxine and her dog outside for a run in the snow.

My granddaughter Roz couldn’t wait for us to get to her grandparents’ house Mike and Kathy so that she could open presents. Here she is getting ready to hand out the gifts from under the tree.


 Here’s a photo when Mike and Kathy in the center and their daughter Brittany off to the right.


 We all sat around their house and took turns opening presents.

And then at around 1 o’clock we all sat down and had a very nice meal.

The most priceless present that I got this year was a CD that my two daughters and son-in-law put together of them re-enacting old photos from when they were little girls. They found a bunch of the old photos of themselves and re-enacted them as adults. Here are the photos they did, many of the stuffed animals and toys are still the original ones in the original photos.Couch







ForestIt’s the little things that seem so precious at times, this made me laugh and smile. This was a super nice gift that money just can’t buy.

Well that’s it for now I hope you all had a pleasant and Joyful Christmas like I did. So even though I wasn’t where it was warm and sunny, as I had it the last couple months, it was a super Christmas. Whether you’re at home with family or on the road this time a year I hope it was special for you all. 🙂




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