Wishing a “Happy New Year” to everyone

It’s hard to believe that 2016 is already here. As I get older the years seem to go by faster than ever. On Monday, December 28, we got our first measurable snowfall here in Oxford. It started on Monday afternoon and continued into Tuesday morning. We ended up with about 8 to 10 inches total snowfall. Here’s a photo taken on Christmas Day, and one taken after the fresh snow.



On Tuesday morning I got my plow back on my pickup clean out the driveway and shoveled the sidewalks, this took me over two hours to finish this project. After finishing the cleanup & got back in the house and shortly after that a flock of wild turkeys came into the field out in front of my house to feed on acorns.

The new snow makes everything look pretty and clean again, instead of the brown colors of winter with no leaves on the trees. The one thing I’ve noticed since I’ve been back in Wisconsin is how seldom the sun seems to shine this time in the year. When it does come out it feels so nice because it’s bright and clear and you feel warmer just being exposed to it. I sure can’t complain about the weather that I’ve been exposed to this fall and winter. Overall it’s been very pleasant most of the time. It is kind of sad to watch the weather on the news and see all the flooding and tornadoes and other bad weather that’s been going across the country this winter. So far in central Wisconsin this is been a very very mild winter, but with that said I still wish for spring. Even Maxine doesn’t seem to enjoy being out like she used to, I think she’s (like I) have gotten spoiled with all the Fair-weather traveling we been doing this year.



This afternoon I will go play euchre in Montello and see some friends I haven’t seen in a while. And then this evening I’ll go play euchre again in Briggsville, and catch up with some more friends. I won’t be out very late, certainly not to bring in the New Year but it will be fun spending time with people I haven’t seen in a while. I’ve been home now two weeks but it seems much longer. I think maybe that’s because I’ve been doing an awful lot of running around and catching up with friends and relatives. I do have plans this weekend to go both to Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, a couple hour drive from my home, on Friday. And then towards Eau Claire, Wisconsin with my friend Dick the gentleman I was in Georgia with on Sunday, this is about a three-hour drive from my home in Oxford. He’s going to drop off one of his dogs, with a friend of his so she can take him to Texas with her to get some training, with the pro trainer. I think in another month we might be heading that way ourselves, but will have to wait and see. If it wasn’t for the house that I feel I have to be around to take care of the driveway and make sure it’s in good showing condition, I know I would be South for sure. I have had a lot of showings in the last couple months, but no decent offers.

Well that’s it for now I hope you all will have a good and safe New Year’s Eve if you’re heading out and hopefully 2016 will be everything you hope for. 🙂




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