Sunshine, Flying Squirrel and Plans for Spring

After being back in Wisconsin for four weeks now today is one of the few sunny ones we’ve had. It’s hard to believe that I’ve been back here at my home in Oxford for four weeks now, the time sure is flown by. In the past couple weeks since my last post have been the Rice Lake, Marshfield, Milwaukee, Belleville and Madison all different cities in Wisconsin catching up with friends and relatives. On Friday, January 8th, I did go to Milwaukee to catch the RV show and stop by to say hi to my friends Howard in Linda from Howard and Linda were doing several seminars at the RV show, they go around this time of year and do seminars on full-time RVing in different parts of the country at RV shows. It was nice to stop by and say hi. At the RV show they had numerous Class A RVs to look at. It was fun to get some new ideas so when I can upgrade all have a better idea of what the purchase.

As I was saying today is very nice and bright and sunny, but on the cold side. Since I’ve been back to Wisconsin in the last four weeks I don’t think we’ve had more than four days where the sun has come out and then only for part of the day today it was out all day. But one thing in Wisconsin when the sun does come out it’s usually colder and it is a little cooler today than it has been the last couple days and by tomorrow it’s supposed to be down in the single digits again. Maxine is really wanted to get out and play but I haven’t had the energy to bundle up and sit outside in the cold to entertain her. But today we did get out and I threw the Frisbee a bit for her check out the photo of her below.


We also went for a ride and met up with my sister Bonnie, we went over to a nearby state park called Mirror Lake State Park about 25 miles away from my house by Wisconsin Dells. We took a short hike in the woods and went back to the area where Sonia’s memorial bench is located at (back in 2008 after Sonia’s passing me and the girls decided that a fitting memorial would be to put a Park bench in one of her favorite parks) here’s a photo of the bench just after we put it up.



A view from sitting on the bench.


Here are some of the photos from the hike today.20160116_14070920160116_140717DSC_0029

A few nights ago we had a little visitor right outside door of my house. It’s a cute little flying squirrel, over the years there’s been many times I’ve seen these little nocturnal creatures. But there almost impossible to catch in a photo. Their shy little guys and because there nocturnal and mostly come out late at night you’re not able to catch them on film. But with this guy being right outside the door and when I turn the patio lights on, I could get a good photo of without using the flash. He was sitting in a tree and I could get within 10 feet of him or so. Cute furry little guys.DSC_0052DSC_0049With all that being said it’s been great to be back in Wisconsin visiting friends and relatives and traveling around the state that’s been home to me all of my life. But I’m ready to go on some more new adventures. Sometime the first part of February I will be heading south, not sure quite yet of the route I will be taking. I may be stopping in Texas for a couple weeks with my friend Dick but we will have to wait and see how things go, right now he has had a couple little health issues and is not up to doing the traveling. But in the next couple weeks we will have to see because we’re still talking about a trip to Texas. Whether that happens or not I definitely plan on getting to Quartzsite, Arizona before the end of February. There are a whole bunch of my “Dreamers” friends staying out there now through the end of February. These are people that I met when I went to Howard & Linda’s (RV-Dreams) seminar on full-time RVing, and many of them were at the RV-Dreams reunion rally we had last spring. We’ve been keeping in contact with each other through emails, our journals and running into each other across the country.

After my plans of being in Quartzsite for a few weeks I will be heading over to Phoenix to meet up with my good friends Joe and Murlane (my neighbors back home here in Wis.), they go to Phoenix every winter and stay there till sometime in mid-March to early April each year. I have not seen them since I left back in October and do miss them a lot we spend many days together when their home here in Wisconsin. I’ll spend a week or two with them, till they head back to Wisconsin. From there I’m not sure where I’ll be, it will depend on the weather. But come sometime in April my plans are to be in Vail Colorado where I promised my niece that I will help her with some remodeling projects, that she’s got in mine, she owned some rental property in Vail and some of it needs a little updating. So I plan on being in Vail area for several weeks to maybe months. After that I’m sure I’ll be heading back to Wisconsin again before the fall season. These plans are all tentative because at any moment if my house does sell I might have to head back home here quickly to take care of things with the sale of the house.

It’s always fun to get together with new and old friends. With that said I’m sure the next two weeks will go by very fast I do not have a definite date of when I plan on leaving. I have some things I have to take care of here and I’m hoping to get all my documentation for taxes before I leave. But when the time comes I will keep everyone posted here on this journal. So that’s it for now wishing you all well and see you down the road. 🙂




  1. Hi Rick! Always love hearing from you!
    LOVE the pics of the flying squirrel! We had 2 of them them that somehow got onto our deck, which had a roof and was fully screened in – they lived out there for about a month one spring and would run and fly around at night when we watched TV. They were quite cute and entertaining. They left the same night my son burnt hamburgers on the grill and smoke filled the deck.
    I am very excited that you are going to Quartzite, as Bill and I plan to arrive on/about Feb 20. It would be great to see you!

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