Two to Four Inches “more like” Six to Eight Inches


I’m talking about snow what were you thinking LOL. The Weatherman was predicting 2 to 4 inches of snow for Monday night. But when it was all said and done at my house I measured just over 7 inches. I need a job that I can be wrong at more often than right and not get fired. This was a nice light fluffy snow not like the last time where it was heavy and wet, so cleanup was not too much of a workout. Here are some photos of how nice and white it looks hanging on the trees and a fresh white groundcover.20160126_081640(0)20160126_08155320160126_081619Sometime overnight a deer must have got hit by a car just down from my house. When I woke this morning there was about two dozen crows making a lot a racket just outside my bedroom window and of course Maxine wanted to go catch them. I did not know the deer was there at first because it was completely covered with new snow but a few hours later after cleaning up the snow. A very nice bald Eagle was sitting in a tree being pestered by the crows. So I figured there had to be some fresh kill their and walked over to check it out, it was a young yearling dear and I’m guessing it was hit by a car sometime last night and managed to get off the road a few hundred yards. Being only 100 yards behind the house you would think I could get a picture of the Eagle, because he came back about six different times. But every time I would get the camera to get a shot of him, he would see me and take off. A little later some turkeys came to feed along the fresh plowed edge of the driveway, right on my front door. There’s lots of acorns from the tree just outside the door this year.20160126_11385320160126_113901It’s been great being home the last five weeks seeing friends, relatives, playing cards and catching up with everyone. But I’m ready for more sunny and warm conditions. So I started getting the RV ready for my next road trip, this is the plan going ahead. I plan and leaving sometime this weekend depending on the weather and will be heading towards Quartzsite Arizona. Not sure how many days it will take me to get there, but once I start driving I usually stick to it pretty heavy with a goal in mind. My friend Dick is still not feeling up to going to Texas, so Maxine and I are just going to head out the Arizona. He might come visit me down in Arizona sometime this spring. He lived in the Phoenix area for about five years until he retired three years ago, so he’s quite familiar with the area.

I can’t wait to get to see my friends both in Quartzsite and Phoenix area. The plan is to stay through at least the end of March in Arizona. This is just a short little update to let everybody know that I will be heading south soon more the come later. 🙂




  1. Yep… About 7 inches (of snow) here too… Sue was NOT happy. My lawn tractor got a flat tire and the blower belt broke. Ours was not the fluffy kind…

    Wish we were headed for QZ 😄


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