Enjoying Quartzsite’s LTVA

I left Wisconsin a week ago today on Friday, January 29 around 7 AM. It took me three full days of hard traveling, to arrive at Quartzsite LTVA (long-term visiting area) at around 1 AM on Sunday, January 31. This is an area on the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), that for $40 for two weeks stay you have places where you can empty your gray and black tanks take on water and dumpsters for trash. It’s kind of a small city of RVs scattered in the desert just south of town. The trip was fairly uneventful other than real strong wing in New Mexico the skies were clear and the traffic was good. When I did arrive I must’ve brought colder temperatures with me because everybody said it was really cold even though was still in the 50s. The wind blew for about three days straight the worst being the day I arrived on Sunday, kicking up dust storms. After settling in and getting set up, I headed over to my neighbor site of Lee and Tracy to do some catching up. Later that evening Cori and Greg invited Lee and Tracy and myself and over for dinner and an evening of visiting, it was great to see all my friends again. As we sat and visited it started to rain and with the strong winds it made for quite a night. We called it a night around 10 and went back to our rigs but it rained and blew all night long making it for kind of a restless first night. On Monday I woke to a cool morning only in the 40s and it didn’t get much warmer than the low 50s and it was still quite windy. Around nine Red came over and asked if I wanted to take a ride in the town with him and his friend Rick. Red and his wife Pam have been staying here for a couple months now and plan and stay until sometime in March I believe. I had met Red and Pam at the first RV dreams rally that I went to and then again at the reunion rally. The three of us guys Red, Rick and myself headed into town, Rick needed to ship some packages. He’s from Stoughton, Wisconsin so we had a lot of things in common as far as our home base and talked about life back in Wisconsin. Rick was down here for the big RV show that is held in January he runs a business of manufacturing fifth wheel hitches called Comfort Ride Hitch. After shipping the packages and doing a few other errands we went to lunch. After lunch we headed back to our campsites, I more or less just hung around the RV the rest of the day because it was too cold to be out doing much. I and Maxine did do some short hikes near the RV.

On Tuesday morning Lee and Tracy packed up to head onto Vegas for a couple weeks, Lee has a job working on filming some video there for his business, he puts together videos for businesses for their websites and seminars. Greg and Cori also packed up and were heading between Phoenix and Tucson were Greg had some work to do, he installs solar panels on RVs. But both couples should be back in about two weeks or so, I will get to see more of them again then they come back. I plan on staying here till February 27th. I did run into town and did a few errands, but the rest of the day I kind of hung around the campsite, and just chilled.

On Wednesday Maxine and I went on a little road trip, we headed West to the Colorado River and the Stateline and then south to Cibola National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is kind of like the Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge back in Wisconsin large area of land set aside wildlife habitat and migration of all kind of birds. It’s a combination of farmlands, prairies, marshes and woodland. You can see huge flocks of ducks, geese and swans that migrate here for the winter months. I did see a coyote off in the distance right behind the visitor center here’s a photo of where he was, but it is impossible to see without knowing where he’s at in the photo. But it is a beautiful view from behind the visitor center.20160203_102432Here’s a photo of some of the flocks of ducks and geese.20160203_103639All of a sudden a flock of snow geese flew into the air circled around a bit and landed again.20160203_11483520160203_114850I also got to see a couple roadrunners a flock of quail and a whole lot of Sand-hill cranes. It was nice to get out and about even though was cool and only got up to the low 50s and the wind was quite strong, but it still was a lot better than back home in Wisconsin, where they got about 8 inches of new snow fall.


Thursday I stayed at the campsite most of the day did some well needed cleaning in the RV. When doing the cleaning I noticed that the caulking around my shower was in need of replacement. So I cleaned up all the old stuff. I had part of the tube with me but I needed to run in the town and get some more before I could finish the job. Around 5 o’clock at one of my neighbor’s campsites a bunch of the RV Dreamers had a social hour (RV dreamers as we refer to ourselves are people that have attended Linden Howard’s seminars at one point or another). So I caught up with people that I had met before and met some new people that I hope I can now call friends. So just around sunset I headed back to my RV to take Maxine for a walk. She wanted to check out the beautiful sunset, here she is waiting for it to happen.20160204_182536And here’s what we got.20160204_182508Today Friday we got up and took a ride south towards Yuma Arizona to see what there was to see. Just a little ways south of where we are camping there is Palm Canyon, this is where several of the people I know have gone on hikes. I drove back about seven miles on a dirt road to where you park before hiking about a half mile up the trail to the base of the mountain. And there you can see the only native palm trees that grow wild in Arizona. The wind was strong and as soon as I got in the shade it was very chilly. So I decided today was not the day to do the hike, so have to come back again but here’s a photo looking up the mountain of where you would hike to.DSC_0174From there we headed south and then west to Imperial National Wildlife Refuge. This refuge is located about twenty miles north of the Mexican border along the Colorado River. The refuge runs along the river and its backwaters for many miles. At the visitor center there are some hiking trails you can take into the desert. But we drove down to one of the boat landings on them the backwaters that feed into Imperial Lake, where there’s a very nice picnic area and boat launch. Maxine found herself a stick and insisted on going swimming, it had warmed up to about 60 at this point, so I spent some time throwing and letting her fetch. Check out the photos.DSC_0182DSC_0192DSC_0189DSC_0184DSC_0188Well when we got back to camp around five Red and Pam had a couple other friends over and so I walked over to their campsite to socialize. I’m sure over the next month I will get to meet a lot of people the hardest part for me is keeping everyone’s name straight but that should come in time. Well tomorrow Saturday the plan is to get up and head to Phoenix to visit with my friends Joe and Murlane for the day, more to come later that’s all for now. 🙂



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