Week Two Quartzsite Arizona

On the second Saturday here as I had stated in my last posting I headed to Phoenix Arizona to visit with my friends Joe and Murlane. It was great to see them both again and catch up, in a way it seems like just yesterday that we were together but it’s been several months. Me and Joe played some cards out on his deck had a great lunch. We visited with the neighbors that I’ve met before, pick some grapefruit from his tree to take back to share with other people at Quartzsite. And after a relaxing afternoon of visiting and dinner together I and Maxine headed back to Quartzsite. We also checked out the site that we will have for the month of March when we go to Phoenix to stay in the same park that they are in.

Week number two in Quartzsite it has been much nicer weather-wise than the first few days here. During the day it’s been getting into the low 80s and at night drops down into the 50s. Being in the 80s out here feels more like the low 70s back in Wisconsin (I guess it’s the dry heat). And at night it’s been perfect sleeping weather. Maxine and I have been doing some exploring of the local area, we went back to Palm Canyon so we could hike up to the palm trees. We drove in seven miles back on the dirt road to the Kofa National Wildlife Refuge, this refuge consists of 664,327 acres established back in 1939 for the protection of all kinds of wildlife. From the parking area you hike back on a rocky trail about a half mile to the point you can look up and see the palm trees in a crevice. Here are photos looking up at the Palms way up in the crevice.


Here are some photos looking back towards the parking lot at the spot where you can first see the Palms.



Maxine and I found a spot on the backside of one of the crevices that you could work your way up to the Palms. It was fairly rugged going and a steep uphill climb until we got to one spot that was about 3 to 4 foot step up, I was able to get up it quite easily but Maxine sat and did not want to jump up. Here she is looking up.


So I told her to wait I was going to continue on. As I got to the bottom of the Palms I could hear her on her way up. I guess she just didn’t want to be left behind (good for her). Here she is at the base of the Palms.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd then we made it up further so that we can say we had reached the palm trees.


When we arrived at the base of the trees, there was a hummingbird feeding on some flowering cactus. I was not able to get a photo of it but it was sure nice to see. After a short rest and enjoying the beautiful views we started heading back down. Here’s a photo of Maxine taking one last look up at the Palms on our way back down.


Here’s the spot from above where Maxine had stalled out for a short while. As you can see it’s quite steep and narrow.


This was a beautiful spot to visit, we did some more hiking around in some of the easier areas exploring nooks and crannies.

Most of the rest of the week consisting of some shopping, errands, routine cleaning and everyday life. It also consisted of a couple social hours lots of relaxing and some beautiful sunsets, here’s a photo of Maxine just relaxing on our site.


Here’s a couple of the recent sunsets.



On Thursday morning Red invited me and a couple other guys to a Fly-in at the local radio controlled airplane club, which he is a member of. This consisted of all different types of remote-controlled planes some that had electric motors others had gas motors and there were some electric powered jet engines (the Jets were sure fast). These guys and gals sure put a lot of work and detail into making these planes and a lot of practice in flying them. They could do all kinds of twists and turns some of them would have smoke trailing and could do some writing in the sky and others just flew along very slow and graceful. Here’s some photos of a bunch of different once I captured as they flew or took off and landed.

There were couple mishaps either as they were taking off or landing this did some minor damage. Here’s some photos of a couple of them.

The saddest moment of the day was later in the day when one of the pilots a very good pilot was flying this blue fighter plane. And it had a midair collision with another plane destroying them both.DSC_0308Here’s a photo of Red before the pilot flew this plane talking to him about it.DSC_0295It was a fun way to spend the morning and part of the afternoon out on a beautiful warm day appreciating these beautiful model planes. Thanks again Red for inviting me.


Well tomorrow Saturday the plan is for a bunch of us to go to The Desert Bar. This is a place out in the middle of the desert several miles down a dirt road north of here about 30 miles. The bar is only open on the weekend Saturday and Sunday and it is run by solar panels. Several of the gang of been here before and I’ve told my them and I’ve seen pictures from their journals about this neat spot. So I plan on taking it in for myself. I guess most of the time they’ll have live music too. This is all powered by the solar panels and battery banks. So I’m looking forward to seeing all these exciting things. And on Sunday evening the plan is that Red and Pam will be cooking us a fish fry, from some of the fish that they caught back in Texas. They did a cook out like this once before a few weeks back, we will all bring something to pass and it should be a great potluck and fish fry. So as you can tell it’s been a great couple weeks here in Quartzsite and looking forward to a couple more as more friends and acquaintances will be coming in over the next couple weeks. Till next time best wishes to all, and God bless. 🙂



  1. You and Maxine have too much energy! We went to the palms when we were thre a few years back, but we didn’t go TO the palms like you guys did. WOW


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