Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

Over the last few weeks, since my last post I’ve been mostly busy with day-to-day routine. Been spending time playing cribbage and poker here at the clubhouse in the park. Doing some swimming in the indoor pool and soaking in the hot tub. But as I mentioned in my last post my friend Joe was not doing well medically. He will be turning 86 this July and his kidneys have been starting to fail for the last year or two now. As I mentioned he was not doing well and continue to get worse in and out of the emergency room and hospital in the last couple weeks. So I’ve been trying to help out with things. To make a long story short Joe’s kidneys did end up failing and now he is on dialysis. He’s doing much better and things are looking good, but unfortunately he will have to be on dialysis probably the rest of his life. This will take some adjustment in routine and diet but he’s being positive about it and things look good. On Thursday I will be taking them to the airport to fly back to their home in Wisconsin. And on Sunday I will be heading northeast slowly making my way to Vail Colorado.

In the meantime over the last couple weeks I did get in a couple day trips. One was down towards Tucson to the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. Friends of mine had been down there a few weeks ago and posted on their journals about how much fun they had and how nice it was so I had to check it out. The park is more of a desert botanical garden and zoo than an actual museum. There are miles of trails that zigzag through beautiful gardens in zoo -like setting it’s well worth the $20 in admission. I will let the photos do most of the talking so here are some highlights of the day.

The museum is located right next to this a Saguaro National Park West on the west side of Tucson. You have beautiful views of the open desert and large cactuses that surround the area, as you walk along the trails.



As you walk through the park you can view many different animals and natural like settings here are just a few of them. Bighorn sheep

Mexican wolves.DSC_0344Wild turkeys.DSC_0341Red Fox.DSC_0366DSC_0365Prairie dogs.DSC_0368Coyotes they look a lot like Maxine.DSC_0348DSC_0349Javelina (a type of wild pig)DSC_0358And a lot of wild squirrels running around feeding on the scraps.DSC_0338The cougar stayed hidden in the shade on this hot sunny day but here you can see one of his feet and his tail.DSC_0340There was a beautiful hummingbird atrium where you can get up close and personal with many different hummingbirds.DSC_0389This one was sitting on the nest and had a baby young hatched but I could not get a picture of the baby.DSC_0376I got lots pictures of the hummingbirds but not many turned out real clear as they move so fast but here are a few the good ones.DSC_0387DSC_0382I did get a photo of this roadrunner I’ve seen many of them in a while but they move so fast are impossible to catch photos of.DSC_0374Well that’s about it for this daytrip it was beautiful & relaxing, I was glad to get a break in the routine here at the park and get out in nature for a little while. I’m also going to post photos of my daytrip driving the Apache Trail.



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