Hooray Finally Sold the House

Hello everyone I’m sure some of you have been wondering what I’ve been doing the last month with no journal postings. Well the thing is that back in the March when I was still out in Phoenix I had an offer on the house. And after going back and forth a few times we finally agreed on a price that we both could live with. But then things started moving pretty fast I left New Mexico on the first of April, so I could get back to Wisconsin to meet up with the potential buyer on April 6 to iron out some details. That all went great and we had a firm commitment but needed to wait for them to get loan approval and do all the title searches. This gave me time to finish downsizing and moving out. I was able to sell most of the furniture that was left in the house, I only a couch and a table and chairs that ended up going to Goodwill. But I was very busy moving other things out. I haul things to both daughters put a few things in storage at my brother-in-law’s and move some tools to my oldest daughter’s house. I was able to do almost all this by myself. In the timing was great friends of mine in the town of Green Lake about a half hour away were having a rummage sale on May 5, 6 & 7 and I sold all the smaller items that I had left and came out quite nicely on them. The main reason I didn’t put anything out sooner in my journal was I did not want to jinx things  🙂 but I did get out of the house and move my RV to friends on May 1.

The interesting thing is the buyers are buying this is a second home they live in the suburbs of Chicago and this will be their weekend getaway. The buyers wanted to get in by May 2 or sooner I was ready but they could not get their banking done in time for the closing. So originally it was scheduled for May 4 then got moved to May 6 and finally got moved to today May 11 when we sign all the papers and handed over the keys. So now that this is behind me I can get on with my new life on the road. As most of you know I haven’t been home in Wisconsin that much this past year anyways. Sometime this weekend I plan on starting to head west, out to my niece’s place in Vail Colorado to help her with some remodeling for several weeks. After that projects done my plan is to head back to the Midwest spending some time in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

I’m sure I will miss the beautiful home that I’ve had the last 20 years but I’m looking forward to my time on the road. Here are a bunch of photos of the house and property.IMG_1699IMG_1680IMG_1693

Here’s an older photo of the pond when I had some ducks.100_0424


Some winter shotsKodak Test_0003Kodak Test_0004Kodak Test_0007

A photo of the kitchenIMG_1704

Looking down from the loft in the first floorIMG_1713IMG_1703

Inside the gazebo



The big barn that I could keep the RV inIMG_1685


Well that’s it till next time take care everyone 🙂



  1. Yes it is bitter sweet
    But it’s still a good thing one less headache 🙂
    I see you guys are well on your way to Alaska best to you both


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