Another busy week of work and fun in Vail Colorado

My time here in Vail Colorado is nearing an end, I’ll be here for a little less than a week and then I’ll be heading back east to Minnesota to start my first camp host job. But in the meantime we’ve got quite a bit accomplished. And I took some time to explore more of the area and take in its beautiful scenery. A quick update on some of the projects we’ve worked on this week. In Terry’s upstairs bathroom she wanted to put in a couple recessed medicine cabinets where there were just mirrors before. This would give her a lot more storage space in her bathroom and help organize it. The thing is putting in recess cabinets entail tearing into the wall building a frame and then re-sheet rocking the opening. I didn’t take pictures of the whole process because it’s kind of boring. But here’s a photo after we refrained in for the medicine cabinets and put up the sheet rock and started finishing it.


In here’s one after the medicine cabinets were put in, the room still needs a total paint job but I think it looks pretty nice.


We also took out a storage closet (pantry of sort) in her kitchen to put in a new and much more organized pantry, also we added a pocket door to be able to close off the staircase coming up. We don’t have this project finished at this time but will wrap it up this week. Here’s a photo as we tore out the old closet.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s one it roughed in and ready for finishing.


The thing with remodeling when you’re living in the space, especially when you’re doing sheet rock work, it makes dust everywhere. I was teasing Terry that she will want to get rid of me so she can get things cleaned and reorganized. If you look at this photo you can see a little of what I’m talking about there’s dust everywhere and no matter what you do you just make more.


I will be adding more photos in my next post of more of the finished jobs, we will be putting in the pocket door this week and replacing a couple bathroom doors with newer much nicer quality doors. I end up making a mess and then Terry has to deal with cleaning up and doing the varnishing in painting and she’s also been doing a lot of the sheet rock muddying. So this Saturday and Sunday while she was working I took off time to enjoy myself. The one day I took a ride up to Loveland Pass to do some hiking and sightseeing. The past reaches elevations of almost 12,000 feet so there was still a lot of snow at this elevation.


A view from up on top of the past looking back down at Interstate 70.


As we came over the top of the past one of the ski areas was still open with lots of people visiting it. Here are some photos of the Rapahoe Basin Ski Area.


All through these mountain passes there are large warning signs warning about potential Avalanche areas. You could see why from these photos away the snow hangs over the peaks that there could be potential avalanche is even this time of the year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere in Vail from June 9 through the 12th they host the Vail Mountain Games (sponsored by GoPro). The four day event consists of many different activities. Mountain bike races, cross-country racing, kayaking, standup paddle board, wall climbing, slackline, to name a few and many more activities to take in. It brought in thousands of people from all over the country. On Sunday Maxine and I spent most of the day wandered around the grounds, it spread all over the city of Vail. One great thing about out here is dogs seem to be welcome almost everywhere and are all quite sociable. I didn’t take many photos as I was too busy just enjoying myself. But one of the other activities that they had was DockDogs Outdoor Big Air, this is an event where you send your dog racing off the dock to fetch its favorite toy and measure the distance that it makes airborne. As much as Maxine loves to swim she doesn’t like to jump off a dock. We did spend quite some time watching these dogs perform. While we were there the longest jump was done by a Dutch Shepherd for more than 24 feet. So I think Maxine has it in her blood if I could just get her to run off the dock. Here’s a photo another one has he was ready to leap in the water.


I think this would be what Maxine would do like this Doberman she came to the edge but just wouldn’t jump in.


Well that’s about it for this week I’ll leave you with a photo of one of the nice campfires I had this week and I’ll update you more as we finish the projects that we are working on.20160611_193826




  1. As always – great to hear from you! Sounds like you’ve gotten a lot done at your nieces – she is lucky to have you around!
    Safe travels when you decide to get moving! Hugs!


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