Tatanka and the Black Hills of South Dakota

I stopped for a few days at Custer State Park in the Black Hills of South Dakota.
I wanted to rest up and I always love the Black Hills, I’ve been there several times over the years.
The state park has a nice heard of Tatanka which is the Lakota word for buffalo or bison.
They maintained the herd at about 1400 head, they are allowed to roam freely in the park. IMG_19180167IMG_1830011020160620_194743There is abundance of other wildlife in the park if you drive around in the evening or early mornings you can catch glimpses of most of these. I got to see a bunch of Pronghorn (antelope)IMG_19130164IMG_19210168Some Dear.IMG_20250247There’s a herd of wild Burros that roam around come right up to the vehicles wanting to be fed.IMG_20330253IMG_20350254Prairie Dogs are abundant.IMG_17960088There’s also thousands of chipmunks running around and some are so brave Maxine didn’t even scare them and they come right up and share her water dish.20160621_17143920160621_171507(0)There’s also bighorn sheep, Mountain goats which I did not see any this trip, and hundreds of different types of birds. As you drive around the park and the local area there are all kinds of spectacular views and rock formations.


Of course Mount Rushmore is right down the road and there are tunnels that you drive through that picture frame the view.IMG_18870146Some of the tunnels are not very big rig friendly.


As we drove around the park there are numerous small lakes and lots of streams running through the area. Every time Maxine would see some of his water she’s thought she had a get out and cool down.


We did a little hiking but it was awful hot sunny days so we both got tired out quickly.


After stay at Custer State Park we headed further east in South Dakota stopping at Oakwood Lake State Park on the East End of South Dakota for a couple nights, just to relax and unwind. On Friday we got up early and did the 300 mile trip to northern Minnesota and Sandy Lake Recreation Area. This will be where I spend the next five weeks or so and start my first job as campground host, I don’t actually start this job until July 1 but I wanted to get here and get orientated little ahead of time.

Well that’s about it for now more to come later and I’m really looking forward to being a campground host.


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  1. I enjoyed traveling with you since your leaving Wis. in May. This blog is a great way for all your friends and family to keep in touch. I saw more snow than I would have liked, but the scenery was breathtaking. My home is now on the market and I can empathize! The garage is full of stuff, the house in FL. is already full of stuff, and a storage unit is full of stuff, mostly for FL. Geesh! Who needs so much stuff? Still downsizing to 1600 sq. ft. is traumatic enough. Can’t imagine going from house to motorhome. Looking forward to hearing about your hosting experiences. No bears in FL., but a croc was taken out of our pond. Maxine may be working too hard…looks like she has a few more grey hairs. Be well. Love from all here.


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