Family Time and it’s Time To Move On

Over the last couple weeks I’ve been quite busy. My daughter Crystal and her husband Josh and granddaughter Roz came to visit for a week. So we did a whole bunch of fun things, and they ran me pretty ragged. We would hike through the woods to get to the beach and they really loved all the moss covered trees.IMG_0869Here’s Crystal and Roz enjoying the sand, looking for shells and sand dollars.IMG_0837Here Crystal ends up carrying all three pairs of their shoes I’m not sure why that happened.IMG_0833I took them exploring the bays and tide pools.IMG_0918A couple days were hazy but they still enjoyed exploring the coast.IMG_087720170626_093655

We took one day and drove down to the redwoods. They had never seen these giant beauties before.IMG_1062OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERARoz looks so tiny next to this giant.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a shot of Crystal and me, she is wearing one of my many hats. I think she looks better in it than I ever do.IMG_1055Here Crystal stands in a stump of a giant redwood that was cut down many years ago.IMG_1053As a surprise I treated Crystal and Josh to a night’s stay at the Lighthouse Keeper’s bed-and-breakfast. They had a fun time and were able to enjoy the views from high on the bluff.IMG_0988It was a little foggy when Josh took this photo from the porch of the B&B, but you can see the lighthouse off in the distance.IMG_0989Whenever Josh and Roz spend time together it’s like having two teenagers around. Here you can kinda get the idea from Josh’s expression.IMG_0959One of the days that they were here I worked at the lighthouse, so the three of them when into town to do some sand boarding. You can rent sand boards and go on the dunes, it’s sort of like snowboarding. They had a great time but it was quite windy as you can tell by Josh’s’ hair in this photo.IMG_1152It was sad to see them go. But the nice thing is I’ll be back in Wisconsin by August and will get to spend time with them again. The other sad thing is all the Hosts that were here during June left the end of the month. So there were many tearful hugs and handshakes. Until we see each other again down the road, so long for now. My plan was to stay here till 7 July and helped the new Hosts that were coming in settle into things. So I spent the last week welcoming the hosts that’ll be here the month of July. Helping them settle in and getting organized to move on. On Friday, July 7, after being here almost 2 full months. I’m headed towards Portland and will get to meet up with my friends Lee and Tracy again. I will take the next couple weeks spending time exploring Northern Oregon and parts of Washington State. And then I’ll be making my way back to Wisconsin. I did get a nice treat this past week, we had a young gray whale spend over an hour feeding right below the lighthouse. It was hard to get good photos but I did get a couple as he swam around right below the bluff.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAJim got someone to take a photo of the four of us the last day that we work together. From left to right Jim, Diana, Lisa and myself. I sure miss Jim and Diane already, but I hope to see them sometime the next couple weeks. IMG956618Well that’s it for now hope to have better updates once I get Internet on a regular basis again. Take care and safe travels to all, Rick




  1. Just found your blog —and what a surprise!! I, too was at the Rally in Sevierville and also at the Reunion Rally in Marion —funny I did not meet any of you!!!! I have been a fan of Howard and Linda RV Dreams since Day 1 and attended the very first rally in Branson–rode a Greyhound from Spokane WA to Branson MO–I went back to your very first entry and read your whole blog — took me three days but now I am caught up to date and look forward to many more. You are in my old stomping grounds of the Beautiful Pacific Northwest – been to Oregon and Washington Coasts many times and lived in Spokane WA and Coeur d’alene Idaho for 40 years–miss it so much –you can email me at elevenfootrv at


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