Washington DC “The Capitol Building”

As our time continues here in the DC area, we’ve had the pleasure the visit many historical buildings. We been to several of the many different Smithsonian Museums, Union Station, The National Postal Museum, The Library of Congress, The National Archives and many more. But in this post I’m going to cover our visit to the US Capitol building.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We made our way around the building and took photos from different vantage points.

We made our way to the visitor center which is actually underground in front of the Capitol building. Here’s a view looking up through the skylights.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The statue on top of the capital building is called freedom and it’s a Indian Maiden standing 19 1/2 feet tall. Here is the plaster statue that was used as a model to make the bronze one for the top of the capital building in the 1800s. This one sits down in the visitor center lobby.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s a photo of the large lobby area in the visitor center. Their statues all around throughout the capital building donated by the different states.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We got a guided tour and they give you a headset and you have a guide that takes you around, highlighting the different parts of the capitol building. Here’s a photo of our guide is you shared information. He was very passionate about his job and did an excellent job sharing his enthusiasm. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s one of me with my headset on under the main dome. Boy don’t I look like a tourist Lol. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here are some photos looking up at the beautiful domed ceiling in the main ceremonial rotunda.

There’s beautiful artwork and statues throughout the whole capitol. Here’s a series of photos, of the beautiful paintings that are on the wall depicting the different parts of the road to freedom.

The statues that are throughout the capitol building were donated by the different states. The statues either have to be bronze or marble. They are deceased people that the state felt were very important to them. You can find more about them here at this website. Here are photos of just a few of them.

One of the statues donated by Wisconsin was of Robert M. La Follette. You can find out more about his statue on this website.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEverywhere you look there’s beautiful architect chandeliers and artwork.

At one point in time the Supreme Court was in the capitol building and we get the visit it’s old courtroom.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA We also got the visit the old Senate rooms.

Every part of the capitol is full of history and it left me with a very moving experience. I’m glad that I able to visit this dynamic building and experience part of our American freedom. There’s been so many places and things that we seen this week that I’ll never be able to cover them all. But in my next post I will highlight a few more. I hope you’ve enjoyed my highlights of the capitol building. Safe travels to all, Rick


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