Another Visit to the Sunshine State

It’s been about a month since my last post and here’s a quick update of a few things that have been going on. The month of January is been abnormally cold here in Georgia. The first couple weeks of the month the temperatures got down in the 20s or high teens every night, for two weeks straight with most days only getting in the 40s or low 50s for highs. But we’ve had several real nice days getting up in the high 60s or the low to mid 70s. We been keeping busy here at the park doing winter projects, things that don’t get done during the busy season when the park is full and there’s lots of grass to cut. There’s always things that can use attention, we’ve done repairs to handrails, bridges, entry ramps, some painting and lots of cleanup work. We been working on cutting some dead trees so that they won’t fall across trails. There’s a never ending list of projects to work on. Along with the cold weather the one day we had the misfortune or maybe fortune of waking up to some snowfall. This is quite unusual for this area, and it only stuck for an hour or two. Here’s a few photos of what it looked like that morning when we got up.


Maxine didn’t seem to mind it even though she wrinkled up her nose a little. 20180117_094757OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

As I had mentioned in my last post my friends Steve and Patty, are volunteering at Dade Battlefield Historical State Park by the city of Bushnell, Florida. 1200px-Dade-battlefield-bushnellSo on Saturday, January 27, I went on a six-hour road trip to go visit them for a few days. Being 400 miles further south it was a lot warmer and once again, I was able to comfortably wear shorts for the few days I was there. One of my favorite places to stop when traveling south on interstate 75 in southern Georgia, is “Ellis Brothers Pecans” Vienna, Georgia. You will see their billboards “We’re Nuts” along the highway both coming north and going south on interstate.20180127_104106They’ve got a huge selection to choose from all kinds of nuts, plain and candy coated, and lots of jams and jellies and other Southern favorites. The fun thing is they pass out samples of everything, so I like to come in and graze for a while.


They have a nice big parking lot, even though I was just in the car this time. Before I was always able to stop even with the RV with a toll behind. I stop both on my way south and again when I was coming back north. I spent about 20 bucks each time.

20180127_104024I got to Patty and Steve’s on Saturday afternoon and quickly changed into shorts, pitch my tent and visited with them the rest of the afternoon. Maxine and I were sure glad to see them again we had such a great time this fall traveling together. On Sunday morning we got up had a nice breakfast visited for a while, and then the four of us Steve, Patty, Maxine and I headed towards Clearwater to visit friends of mine Bill and Kelly. Bill and Kelly are other full-time RV years that I met back at “RV Dreams” education rally back in spring of 2014. We met up again at a reunion rally in spring of 2015, and once again in January 2016, out in Quartzsite, Arizona. But we haven’t seen each other over the last two years. We keep in touch with each other through our blogs and other friends, you can find Bill and Kelly’s blog here. Here’s a photo of the five of us that Bill was nice enough to take and share with me.

6205I knew Bill and Kelly were going to be in this part of Florida for the whole month of January. I wanted to make sure I got down to see them while we were relatively close. This was the first time they got to meet Patty and Steve but we all hit it off just fine and spent few hours visiting and catching up on things in our life’s. We ordered pizza and hung around their RV Park enjoying the warm weather for several hours. Later in the afternoon it did start to rain. After a while we said our goodbyes with hugs and handshakes and went our separate ways. Bidding each other farewell until the next time we meet up down the road, when we get to connect with each other again. Even though we hadn’t seen each other for quite some time, and only met a few times before. It sure is wonderful being a part of this big family of “RV friends”. It rained hard the rest of the day and all night so instead of sleeping in the tent I slept in Patty and Steve’s RV. The “Dade Battlefield” is the site of a very bloody battle that was the start of the Second Seminole Indian War. On December 28, 1835 Major Francis Dade along with eight other officers and 100 men were marching two by two through this area. On their way from Fort Brooke at Tampa Bay to Fort King at Ocala, Florida. On this site they were attacked by Seminole Warriors, and by the end of the day all but three of the soldiers lie dead at this battlefield site. Of the three remaining men, two survive the painful journey back to Fort Brooke to share the story of what happened. Each year the first part of January a reenactment is performed to share the history of the events that took place here, you can find more information about this at this website. On Mondays just outside the town of Bushnell they have a huge flea and farmers market with just about everything and anything. Four of the other volunteers at the park along with Patty and Steve and myself headed over to check it out. We spent several hours wandering around and I got to visit with the other couples getting to know them better. It was a nice morning and part of the afternoon, the weather was just fine and I found a couple things I just had to have. Afterwards we all headed out for lunch and some more socializing. Monday evening we spent a quiet evening together at Patty and Steve’s visiting with more of the park volunteers. The park is just the day use Park but they have five campsites for the volunteers. At present they had four couples and one single volunteering working there.  On Tuesday morning they were conducting a class at the park teaching you how to weave baskets out of pine needles, the way the Indians used to.  Patty and I went to the class for a while, she had made a basket a few days earlier which turned out really cool. Sorry no photos, but you can find more information here on the web. Around noon  it was time for Maxine and I too head back to Georgia and by home sweet home for the next couple months. Well that’s a quick catch-up. I know I have not been writing much lately but when I’m not doing a lot of traveling it seems just like a normal routine. After all this is a travel blog about Maxine and my travels. So when I’m not doing a lot of traveling or sightseeing it’s hard to be inspired to write. But I also know if I don’t let you guys know, what going on once in a while you starts to worry about us. Best wishes and safe travels to all till next time, thanks for coming along, Rick



  1. Great pictures, I remember my visit to Just Nuts, great place. Glad the weather is getting nicer for you. We got about seven inches of snow over the weekend and they say more the rest of the week. Guess it was time, so want to go spend the rest of the winter in Arizona or Florida! Got to spend time with Mike and Sharon last month in Arizona, want to go back next year for a week for sure! Miss you and Maxine!

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