Moving Onward to “Sweet Home Alabama”

Since my last post I’ve moved to just outside of Montgomery, Alabama to spend five nights at Gunter Hill campground. But before that when I left Franklin Roosevelt Park. I drove just a mere 30 miles, to just west of LaGrange, Georgia to stay at Holiday Campground on West Point Lake. This is a very nice Army Corps of Engineers Park on West Point Lake. West Point Lake is just on the state line between Georgia and Alabama and is formed by a dam just north of West Point, Georgia on the Chattahoochee River. The Chattahoochee is a long river (some 430 miles). Starting in the Blue Ridge Mountains flowing south towards Atlanta, Georgia and then heading westward slightly to West Point Lake, before turning to south to form the state line between southern Georgia and Alabama. Continuing on down to form the Western Georgia-Florida state line just north of Lake Seminole to eventually merge with the Apalachicola River, just north the Chattahoochee, Florida. From there the Apalachicola River continues south through the panhandle of Florida to Apalachicola Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. I spent three nights at Holiday Campground, this campground has 135 very nicely arranged campsites. Almost all of them have electric and water at the site and many of them are right on the lake as there are several peninsulas in the park. I stayed in site number six which had a beautiful view of one of the bays as you can see in this photo. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd across the road there were several other sites on this point as you can see in this photo. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAll the sites had real nice separation in this area, you can’t even see in any other sites in this photo of my site. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAHere’s a view of my RV from down at the water’s edge. It was a beautiful spot to just sit and take in the nice weather. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI did a little fishing (to take advantage of the annual Georgia license I bought) before I left the state. And Maxine got the do a whole lot of swimming. I caught quite a few nice Smallmouth Bass just from the shore, I even had this one for dinner one night. 20180418_173851West Point Lake is a huge Lake consisting of 25,900 acres with over 525 miles of shoreline. There are total of four US Army Corps of Engineer parks on this Lake with camping. Three on the Georgia side Holiday Campground (with 135 sites), Whitetail Ridge Park (with 58 sites) and R Shaefer Heard Park (with 117 sites). And on the Alabama side of the lake there is Amity Campground (with 93 sites). There are also a couple County parks with campsites and numerous other recreational parks, with boat landings and the use facilities. All around the lake making for over 500 public campsites. And there are lots of private campground also in the area, this is quite the recreation area visited frequently by people from Atlanta and other nearby cities. I visited several of these campgrounds and the day use areas, they were all well-kept and I’m sure get a lot of use in the summer months. The weather has been super nice down here in the South getting most days in the 70s and low 80s. But I’ve been told by several people not to be in a big hurry to get back to Wisconsin. This is not news for anyone that lives up there, but it’s hard for me to believe they are still getting the amount of snow that is fallen in this past week. Here’s a photo my good friend Dick sent to me of how it looked on Wednesday evening at his house just outside of Princeton, Wisconsin (which is in the center part of the state). 86And here are several photos that my sister-in-law Jan sent to me of the snow piles at her house in Marshfield, Wisconsin (in north central Wisconsin) 117115119Thanks guys for the photos. And as you can tell in the photos there are no buds or leaves on any of the trees so I’m not a big hurry to get back, because it’s so beautiful and green down here. After my brief three nights stay at Holiday Campground, which was a super bargain at $14 a night with my seniors “American the Beautiful Pass” (that is one of the reasons I like to stay at these US Army Corps parks, because most of them I can get a discount and they are always on water). I moved west to just outside of Montgomery, Alabama to stay at another US Army Corps of Engineers Park (Gunter Hill Campground) on the Alabama River. This is another very nice Army Corps Park (with 142 sites) and the loop I am in, the Catoma Loop. Is newly remodeled and has 75 sites with concrete pads, sewer, electric and water at each site (and I think all the electric here are 50 amp pedestals). In it is a super super deal this time of the year at $13 a night, “with my senior pass”. Here’s a couple photos of my site for my five nights stay. I love all the Spanish moss hanging in the trees this park. 20180421_13430720180421_134219Maxine likes to sit on the cool concrete in the shade. And as you can see in these photos the fields are full of white clover and all the trees are green and full of leaves, not like back home in Wisconsin. 20180421_134339As you can tell in this photo the sites have nice separation and are very level and well laid out. 20180421_182621Some of the sites have views of the river. 20180421_18294020180421_182811 But none of them have a nice shoreline like at Holiday Park I was just at. 20180421_183131The other loop in the park (Antioch Loop) is older with the sites being closer together are quite a bit smaller. But most of them still have electric and water at the sites and they are less expensive. This park was a little busier the first two days I was here, being the weekend. But there still were lots of available sites and it seemed like quite a few people were just coming in for a night or two, on their way through going back north. The park itself was pretty quiet, but the downside was just outside the park’s entrance. Its home to “Montgomery Motor Speedway Racetrack”. 20180421_151819And both on Friday and Saturday you could hear the stock cars “powerful engines”. They would do some trials and or tests late in the afternoon on both days and then the races started around seven and ran till 11 o’clock or so at night. But that’s not really a big problem for me because I never go to sleep before 11 or 12 it seems anyways. It’s just the start of the racing season and that’s a big thing down here in the South. And talking about seasons, one of the nice thing about traveling around the country is. I get to sample all the local “seasonal fair” at different times of the year. From strawberries in spring and later blueberries, apples and other fruits and nuts, along with seasonal vegetables. But all across the “Deep South” this time of the year it is the season for “Fresh Local Crawfish”. The peak season for large crawfish is from mid-March till mid-May. So that makes April the prime time to get these tasty little “lobster” like treats. I went to a local market to get a big planner to take back to my campsite. 20180421_153749And for those of you that also enjoy these, you know what I mean, cooked in their spicy red seasoning. 20180421_153717They were so good but they leave my lips burning. I ate about half of the 5 pounds that I bought. But as you can see in this photo I’ve got a small blue bowl of cleaned tails, left to make some tasty Crawfish Fettuccine Alfredo tomorrow. 20180421_162138(0)

That’s it for now, hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for coming along “take care”, Rick



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