Westward Bound

On June 11, I left Marshfield Wisconsin and started my trek westward to Oregon. The plan is to arrive at Carl Washburn Park sometime the last week of June, so that gives me a couple weeks to make my way there. Today I put in a long day of driving logging about 550 miles before I stop for the evening. I stopped at one of my favorite rest areas in the whole USA, it’s right off of Interstate 90, high on the hill just outside of Chamberlain South Dakota overlooking the beautiful Missouri River.20180611_194535I’ve stopped at this wayside dozens of times over the years and always enjoy the beautiful views. To my delight there was a new addition since the last time I’ve stopped here. I haven’t been here in a couple years and now there’s a new giant sculpture of an Indian maiden. It’s huge and quite impressive. 20180611_19484920180611_194458Even the backside is quite spectacular it’s a beautiful addition to this wayside. 20180611_194704There’s also a Louis and Clark Museum as part of the visitor center here at this rest area. I arrived here around seven and pulled in a spot, to spend the evening before heading to the Black Hills tomorrow. Tomorrow will be a much shorter day only having to travel about 200 miles. My plan is to spend three or four days in the Black Hills, to visit some friends that are in the area. Since my last post I spent most of my time visiting friends and family all across the state of Wisconsin. I had spent the few days at a campground by Madison, Wisconsin. So I could spend time in the evening with both my daughters and granddaughter. I spent more time in Green Lake by my friends not doing much, just resting up from all the busy activities earlier in the month. And then the last few days I went back up to Marshfield to spend more time with Sonia’s brother Larry and his wife Jan, because I will not get a chance to see them for a while. From there (on Saturday) I did a day trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin (about 100 mile trip) to attend Sonia’s grandnieces high school graduation and catch up with that side of the family. On Sunday, I also drove from Marshfield (about 180 miles) to Belleville, Wisconsin. To attend my granddaughters’ high school graduation. Here’s a picture of me with Roz along with her dad Josh and stepmom Crystal (my daughter). 20180610_165412It seems like yesterday she was just a baby. Roz has been a part of our lives ever since she was a baby, as Crystal and Josh had attended high school together and were friends long before they became romantically involved. Here’s a picture at their wedding with Roz as the flower girl. 100_0279 And here’s a series of pictures of her over the years that she had hanging up at her graduation party. They grow up so fast. 20180610_16164620180610_16164120180610_161652As you can tell I’ve been doing a lot of running around. It’s been a crazy busy month and I’m actually looking forward to a little down time. Just relaxing and visiting friends as I make my way west, to my next job at the lighthouse in Oregon, I will be there for the months of July and August. So this is just a real quick update on what’s been happening. Best wishes and safe travels to all, Rick



  1. Oh my goodness….now I know where that sculpture is! We stopped at that rest area in 2012 and loved it also. I’ve seen photos of that sculpture, but didn’t realize it was at that rest area.

    Fun family photos, Rick! Safe travels to Washburn. Tell Ben, Deb and the gang we said hi!

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  2. Rick,
    I was so overwhelmed to see you come to Robbi’s graduation party! I have missed you and the girls so much. Thank you for making the trip! I love you!

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  3. Love that statue! I’ll have to make a note of where it is so I don’t miss it! Sounds likes you’ve been so busy, but in a good way! Safe travels and hope we can cross paths somewhere!

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