Back At Potrero Surviving The “Santa Ana Winds”

Since my last post I finished up my time at the WIN’s Dance Rally, and have moved back to my winter location at Potrero County Park about an hour east of San Diego. But first a few photos and highlights about the Dance Rally. It was a very busy week with daily dance lessons and nightly dances. They would have about an hour of line dance lessons starting at 9:30 in the morning. These lessons were provided as part of the rally were totally optional whether you wanted to attend. I did go to a couple days, of line dancing lessons but couldn’t quite catch on because I got two left feet. After the line dancing lessons there was a couple that taught two different classes of two step for about an hour and a half in the morning and then another hour and a half in the afternoon for a couple days advancing as we got better. Here’s a couple photos is how they demonstrated some of the moves. 20181031_14500220181031_145016
I did get fairly good and felt confident at the evening dances as the week went on. After teaching the two step they taught the waltz for a couple more days. There again having morning and afternoon classes along with the evening dances. And of course it happened to “Halloween Week” so the park had a Halloween dance. Where of course costumes were adorned by many. I really like Fred and Wilma Flintstone. 20181031_185114
Of course it wouldn’t be Halloween without some pirates. 20181031_184941
Then you can’t get along without a few skeletons and ghostly outfits. 20181031_19054820181031_194949
And with a little help I borrowing a few items from a couple ladies, I was able to come as a hula dancer with my grass skirt. 20181031_185047
There was a large variety of costumes and they had a contest and give prizes away to the winners. Fun was had by one and all. 20181031_18575620181031_185022
Also during the week, Thursday was a day off and didn’t have any dance lessons or evening dance. But we did have a pool party and a bunch of us got together and played some pool volleyball just for fun. 20181101_14260720181101_142546_001
They organize lots of other little activities to do during the week if you wanted too, or did not need dance lessons. Some people went sightseeing, hiking and more four-wheel excursions. Like I mentioned in previous posts we were right by the Salton Sea here’s a couple photos from my campsite, you can see the Salton Sea in the background. 20181102_16353720181102_163551
After a couple weeks of having fun in the Imperial Valley it was time to move on to my winter location at Potrero County Park. I’ve been back here and settling in on my old spot where I was two winters ago, for almost 2 weeks now. I have the same beautiful campsite that allows me quite a bit of privacy, as I’m separate from the campground. 20181109_08002920181109_080053
The first week the weather was perfect it would warm into the 70s or low 80s during the day with sun shining every day. In the evenings it cool down nicely in the high 40s or 50s, which makes for great sleeping. On the first Saturday that we were here Maxine and I drove to one of her favorite spots “Ocean Beach Dog Park“. She had a great time chasing her frisbee and swimming in the waves, I even went into water up to my waist because it was quite warm, on-like the ocean up in Oregon. Here she is not so patiently waiting for me to quit taking photos and throw her toy. 20181110_113219
And there were lots of other dogs to run around with and chase each other. 20181110_113330
Also lots of people watching, there were all kinds of people of all ages enjoying the beautiful day in the low 80s sunny and calm. 20181110_120002
We spent a couple hours here and Maxine was plenty tired and slept all the way home, just like a little kid. This is one of two of my favorite dog beaches and it’s only a little over an hour’s drive from the park. Before we headed back, I did a little sightseeing of downtown San Diego, down by the marina and in Little Italy. Where there was a fall festival going on, but Maxine was too tired to go walking around. So after a time at the beach and little driving around sightseeing, we stopped at the grocery store and pick up some supplies before heading back home. It was a beautiful day on Saturday and I’m glad we got in the town to enjoy it. But come Sunday the weather changed. The Santa Ana Winds started picking up. And for the next three days they blew steady at 25 to 40 miles an hour with gusts from 60 to 80 miles an hour. This is a normal occurrence this time of the year, in this part of the country. The winds come out of the north-northeast and pick up speed as they come through the valleys from the hotter and drier inland areas of Nevada and Arizona. The winds get quite strong and are very dry making for high fire danger. In one thing they have started doing here which makes a lot of sense, is one it’s very dry and the winds pick up in some areas they will shut off power for safety reasons. This will happen when they have red flag warnings for the strong winds and dry conditions. In the section of San Diego County where I am located, it is very rural with an older electric grid. So when the fire danger is as high as it’s been and the winds get strong they will shut off certain areas to prevent the possibility of fire starting, from down or faulty power lines. This totally makes sense. And the people are used to it and are prepared and have generators to keep their fridges and freezers going. But what this meant for the small town of Potrero and several other rural areas they shut the power off early Monday morning and as of now which is 3:30 on Wednesday it is still not back on, but is scheduled to be turned on soon. The winds died down overnight and it’s been another beautiful day reaching the high 70s with sunny skies and calm winds. But before they turn on the different sections they have to check all the lines in make sure everything is safe and secure. For me it’s not been much of a problem because my fridge runs on LP and I would run the generator a little each day to charge back up my batteries and the temperatures have been just right so I haven’t needed any air conditioning. A matter of fact I even run the furnace a little at night. After seeing videos of the fires that hit Northern and Central California. I’m glad they play it safe and turn off the power. While that’s just a quick catch-up. I’m sure I’ll have more exciting things going on as I get comfortable in my winter location. They have a few fix me up projects lined up for me to keep busy the 20 hours I work a week. But this still gives me plenty of time to go to beach, do sightseeing and visit with friends. It sure is nice being back here in Southern California as I’ve been watching the weather back in Wisconsin and other parts of the country already starting to get snow and freezing temperatures on a regular basis. So if you’re in the area stop by and say hi. Till next time safe travels and best wishes to all, Rick “PS the power just came back on at 3:45”



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