San Diego Tour Guide (part two) “La Jolla”

On day two we got up relatively early and took a little longer ride up to La Jolla. California which is a northern suburb of San Diego right on the coast. This is a more upscale community with very nice homes and beautiful views of the coast and lots of high-end hotels. We were headed here to do a couple of things, a sea kayak tour of the caves and protected Reserve areas along the coast. But first we stopped at one of my favorite places “La Jolla Cove” it is a point where all the sea lions like to congregate and you can get up close and personal to them. 20190327_093507

They seat on the rocks and you can walk right up to them, but do not touch them if you are smart. DSC00328The males like to strut their stuff. 20190327_093641DSC00324And there were moms feeding their babies. DSC00320Always like the way these trees look out on the point weathered by the blowing winds. DSC00337There were also lots of flowers in bloom throughout town making for beautiful Spring feel. DSC00336DSC00338DSC00412DSC00444DSC00458You can walk along this rugged shoreline and there’s beautiful views in every direction this once looking back towards where the Sea Lions were perched. DSC00345And you look the other direction and there’s thousands of nesting birds. 20190327_094942DSC00343This crazy guy was quite brave and showy, you could get right up next to. DSC00310DSC00309Parking can be quite a challenge down along the shore but it’s worth waiting for a spot or walking away. There are several kayaking rental places that you can rent by the hour or do like we did go on a group tour. We decided to go with “Bike and Kayak Tours of La Jolla”. Bonnie and I went in a double kayak which we’ve done before at places like the Apostle Islands back in Wisconsin and explored the caves there. They had a very nice crew to help everyone get in and get through the surf out to the calmer waters. It was a perfect day a gentle breeze sunny and not too big of a surf. Once the crew helped us get through the surf we paddle out and congregated with one of our guides waiting for the rest of the people to get into the water. There’s a bunch more people paddling out to join us I think there were about 20 kayaks total, some singles and mostly doubles. Here’s our other friendly guide, they took turns leading us and stopping, talking about the area and explaining history and how the underwater terrain was in this area. Read more about it here on their website. Here we are gathered together pulled up closer to some of the sea caves there were seven in total and they all had their own names in history. They talked about the houses here on these cliffs and how they couldn’t even get insurance for them, because the shoreline is eroding away a little more every year and no one would sell them insurance for these houses and someday they’ll probably fall into the sea. These are multi-million-dollar homes. We stopped several times together and they tell us useful information and stories they did a very nice job of entertaining us and keeping track of everyone and everyone safe.

Here’s the best picture I could get of Bonnie and me taken by one of the guides but there were waterspouts on my camera. We spent a couple hours enjoying the nice weather and getting some nice exercise. Here’s a picture of Bonnie just before we headed back in as you can tell by her smile, she seems to have had a very good time. We did one more thing before we left town, we made one more stop up and Mount Soledad which sits 822 feet above sea level. One of the highest points in San Diego. Check out this webpage for more information about it. You had beautiful views looking back at downtown San Diego and up the coast along the La Jolla shoreline. One thing I need to say here is Bonnie gets credit for all awful lot of these photos. She was busy taking a lot of pictures where as I’ve been to these areas, several times before taking photos and have a lot of older ones. Plus, throughout all these posts I was busy being the tour guide and telling her things about the area and doing the driving. Also going forward these posts might not all be in the order that we did things because we did so much, I lost track of a few things and this is the way I group the pictures so keep following along I got five more parts

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