San Diego Tour Guide (part Six) “Midway Museum”

On Sunday the last full day that Bonnie was here we headed into town down to the harbor to visit the “USS Midway Museum”. The “Midway” is the aircraft carrier there was built at the end of World War II and is now decommissioned and open to the public sharing is five decades of service in the US fleet. We ended up spending several hours exploring all the different decks and aspects that are open to the public. We started below deck where we got to see the galley.DSC01002Many of the different ship’s quarters decorated with mannequins. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC01014The hospital corridors. DSC01006One of the unique things they have now that they didn’t have two years ago when I was here. Are audio devices like small cell phones that you can scan placards throughout the ship, and here many of the retired crew explaining the different planes, quarters and other aspects of this large vessel. Here Bonnie is listening to one of the programs. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe explored all the decks checking out the narrow corridors and all the different departments of the ship.


Up on the hanger and flight decks there were dozens of different planes from all through the years from World War II and beyond. DSC01043OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC01021DSC01016DSC01009Then I was able to go up on to the bridge where you have to climb several steps in narrow corridors and Bonnie wasn’t up to it so I went on my own. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADSC01038While waiting you have great views. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThere is a new aircraft carrier across the harbor. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAnd a Holland America, the “New Amsterdam” cruise ship was in the harbor at the dock. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlus several times you could watch the planes coming into the San Diego airport flying low over the city, which they do throughout the day and night. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUp on the flight deck I could venture out onto the bow and hang several stories right over the water. DSC01033OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfter spending what was going to be just a couple hours, turned into several hours of exploring. I was totally exhausted after the weeklong adventure, I suggested we get something to eat and head back home. We headed down too Little Italy and found the deli and got subs and assorted snacks to eat before heading back to camp. Several other things we did through the week were one evening I took her on one of the four wheelers for a ride in the backcountry of the park. I took her up in the hills in the park just before sunset to take in some of the views. Are all kinds of unique rock structures in the back hills of the park like this one. DSC00993Rolling Hills with lots of sage another plant life. DSC00974There is a unique view of the neighbor’s house. DSC00969And just before sunset she got some views of the distance skyline. DSC00986DSC00985o All week long she got the enjoy my hummingbirds coming to the feeders. DSC00998DSC00997DSC00994On Monday before I took her back to the airport, we stopped at the Tecate, Mexico and walked across the border for a quick visit to my favorite bakery “EI Mejor Pan de Tecate” (translating to “Best Bread” of Tecate). Check out some pictures on the web here and here. This place is huge. And we got ourselves some chocolate mice which are the delicious little brownie type chocolates. 20190401_091338

Then we stopped for a little bit at the casino, where I managed to win $27. Before heading into town to get her afternoon flight. And she was off to the cooler weather in Wisconsin and I took the next week or so getting ready to start heading north to Olympia, Washington. So that I could meet up with my daughter Crystal for our month-long trip, the month of May in Europe. There will be lots of photos I’m sure and exploring but that’ll come after I get home from our travels overseas. It will be a while before I put out more posts, as I’ll be too busy enjoying the time with my daughter. So, for now I wish you all safe travels and thanks for reading the blog. I might have to change this to “On the Road with Crystal and Me“ seeing as poor Maxine has to stay behind with a friend of mine in Washington, for the next five weeks or so. I miss Maxine already and she’s only been away for me for a few days. We will be heading out Monday April 29th and not get back till the end of May, Best wishes and Safe Travels to all, Rick





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