Thank Full-time of the Year

I hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving. Here in Georgia at the park it was a beautiful day, we could’ve asked for nicer weather. It started of cold but by noon it was sunny with a cool breeze making it quite comfortable in the low 70’s. Five of us got together here at the park and we all pitched in and put together a wonderful Thanksgiving Feast. I picked up another bunch of Collard Greens.20191127_123922A couple weeks ago I made a batch of these and shared them with a bunch of volunteers that came in to the park for the day. I was told by a couple of them that they were the best greens they had ever had.  That says quite a lot being that they are true Southerners. Backup in Wisconsin these were basically unheard-of till recent years but are a tradition down here. So, I thought I’d whip up a second batch which turned out just as good, here they are all ready to go. 


I also decided we needed a pecan pie. 20191127_123948And I also made a couple of sweet potato pies which are one of my favorites. 20191127_15125420191127_153414

Tammy cooked up a turkey and made delicious stuffing and gravy. She also made some wonderful homemade perogies. We had delicious mashed potatoes and appetizers to boot. 20191128_120440

Of course, we all ate too much but it was delicious and we all went home with leftovers. Even though this has been a crazy year for me, I have so much to be thankful for. Ever since my surgery I’ve been feeling better than I have in years, with a higher energy level and no nightly acid reflux. The month abroad with Crystal was such a wonderful time and memorable experience for us both. I got to spend quality time back in Wisconsin with friends and family. And now I am down in Georgia with my dear friends here, that I have not seen in a couple years. This year certainly has had its ups and downs, but it’s been a wonderful and adventurous year. With my travels abroad and across the United States. So how can I not be thankful for all my blessings. I’ve been keeping busy here at the park helping out with some projects that it needed attention for a while. During the summer Mike the maintenance guy can barely keep up with the grass mowing and other necessities. He’s been very happy to have me here and we been catching up on some of the projects that have needed attention for some time. I work hand-in-hand with him as a maintenance host. The main project we were working on the last few weeks off & on, was on one of the Ranger residents here in the park. We tore up the decking boards on all rather large deck that wraps around one side of the house and replace them with new boards and new handrails. We were able to keep and reuse the substructure which saved us a lot of time. I did not get any photos of the beforehand but here are some of the new decking. All in all, it’s quite large it’s over 60′ long by 8′ wide. 20191201_13335320191201_133415

Also replaced two sets of stairs here’s a photo of one of them. 20191201_133422

It’s hard to believe I’ve been here a month are ready, time sure flies when you’re having fun. And the next month I’m sure will go by even faster. Next weekend I’m planning a trip for Maxine and me to Lakeland, Florida. We are going to a RV-dreamers picnic, with other full-time RV’ers. This is a social get-together that is coordinated by good friends of mine Kelly and Bill (find their blog here) and other full-time RV’ers. They have put this together several times before and invite as many people that want to come. A lot of us know each other from our connections through Linda and Howard Payne of Howard and Linda are the full timers that run the seminars that educated a great number of us on the full-time RV lifestyle. Their website is here, and their blog can be reached here. It’s quite a drive Lakeland from here, about seven hours but I think it’s well worth the trip. Plus, it will give Maxine & me a break in our routine for a few days. Also, the week of Christmas my good friends Steve & Patty are planning on coming here and spending a week before we all move on to our next job at Bushnell, Florida. As you can tell before it has even gets started the month of December will go by fast. That’s just a quick update hope everyone is healthy and happy. Till next time Best Wishes, God Bless and Safe Travels to one and all, Rick


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