About my blog On the Road with Maxine and Me

On July 15th 2015, I (Richard Raab) retired from my job at age 62.

And then with my “Best Pal”, my four legged friend Maxine “the best dog in the world!”

Went on the road in my 32ft Damon “1999 Day Break RV”, towing my 2004 Mitsubishi Spider Convertible.

The plan is, when I sell the house and 30 acres of land that I own, to live full time in a RV.

I had hoped to sell my home in Oxford, WI before I retired but I could not wait any longer.

So I left it in the hands of my realtor, family & friends, and headed out West for about six week or so.

This blog is to keep all my family, friends & anyone else up to date on where we are & what we are doing.

Here is the RV all loaded & ready to roll.20150715_110603

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